Why a Forest School?

At Into the Woods we believe in the importance of the environment as the third teacher, and feel that there is no better—nor more versatile—teacher than the natural world. In an indoor classroom, the materials available limit the interactions that a child can have, and the creative play that they are able to take part in. In the forest, however, the materials we have to work with are endless!

In addition, time spent outside in natural environments has been proven to help a child’s body and mind grow strong and healthy. There have been numerous empirical studies linking time spent in nature to: improved vision, stronger immune systems, higher levels of vitamin D, increased attention spans, and reduced stress. We also believe that individuals who spend time in the forest as children develop a sense of value for natural world and its many ecosystems and environments. We pride ourselves in educating the world’s future environmentalists, naturalists, and peace-makers.

With that in mind, we spend several hours every day outside—rain or shine! At Into the Woods we don’t believe in the idea of bad weather. When it rains, it means that the plants are quenching their thirst, that the rivers are getting stronger and faster, and that the underground aquifers are filling up with nourishing water for us to drink from our sinks at home. We teach our students that if we’re mindful of our environment, and if we plan ahead on what equipment and materials we want to bring, we can take responsibility for our own comfort and safety, and have fun outside no matter how warm or cold or wet or dry the weather that day may be.